Afghanistan world’s unhappiest country, even before Taliban

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Afghanistan ranked past successful the World Happiness Report among 149 countries surveyed, with Lebanon following.

Published On 20 Mar 2022

Afghanistan is the unhappiest state successful the satellite – adjacent earlier the Taliban swept to powerfulness past August. That is according to a alleged World Happiness Report released earlier the United Nations-designated International Day of Happiness connected Sunday.

The yearly study ranked Afghanistan arsenic past among 149 countries surveyed, with a happiness complaint of conscionable 2.5. Lebanon was the world’s 2nd saddest country, with Botswana, Rwanda and Zimbabwe rounding retired the bottommost five.

Finland ranked archetypal for the 4th twelvemonth moving with a 7.8 score, followed by Denmark and Switzerland, with Iceland and the Netherlands besides successful the apical five.

Researchers ranked the countries aft analysing information implicit 3 years. They looked astatine respective categories, including gross home merchandise (GDP) per capita, societal information nets, beingness expectancy, state to marque beingness choices, generosity of the population, and perceptions of interior and outer corruption levels.

Afghanistan stacked up poorly successful each six categories, arsenic it did earlier the Taliban’s instrumentality to power. The state was nether the United States concern for 20 years during which Washington unsocial spent $145bn connected development, according to reports by the US peculiar inspector wide for Afghanistan.

Still, determination were signs of expanding hopelessness.

Gallup conducted a canvass successful 2018 and recovered that fewer Afghans they surveyed had overmuch anticipation for the future. In fact, the bulk said they had nary anticipation for the future.

Afghans person faced years of war, corruption, grinding poorness and deficiency of jobs.

When Masoud Ahmadi, a carpenter, returned to Afghanistan from neighbouring Pakistan aft the 2001 illness of the Taliban, his hopes for the aboriginal were bright.

He dreamed of opening a tiny furnishings workshop, possibly employing arsenic galore arsenic 10 people. Instead, sitting successful his dusty six-foot by 10-foot store connected Saturday, helium said helium opens conscionable doubly a week for deficiency of work.

“When the wealth came to this country, the enactment of the authorities took the wealth and counted it arsenic their idiosyncratic money, and the radical were not helped to alteration their beingness for the better,” said Ahmadi.

Since the Taliban returned to powerfulness past August, the country’s system has been successful escaped fall, worsened by the US sanctions and its diplomatic and fiscal isolation. The Taliban has urged the planetary assemblage to recognise its caller authorities arsenic it struggles to revive the system battered by decades of warfare and overseas interventions.

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