Can a rise of leftist leaders bring real change to Latin America?

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On Wednesday, March 23 astatine 19:30GMT:
Earlier this period Chile swore successful a caller president, erstwhile pupil protestation leader, Gabriel Boric. The 36-year-old’s inauguration is being seen arsenic portion of a new pinkish tide sweeping across Latin America arsenic much and much leftist politicians travel into power.

Boric, who considers himself a libertarian-socialist, was elected for his ambitious progressive platform, which pushes for biology regularisation and stresses sex and radical equality.

Later this year, voters successful Colombia and Brazil volition take a caller president and left-wing candidates are presently up successful the polls successful some countries.

But tin an summation successful leftist leaders bring sweeping societal alteration to the region? Some pundits accidental astir apt not, due to the fact that not each liberals stock the aforesaid values, peculiarly astir societal issues similar termination and cheery rights. And galore interest that moving excessively acold near could ace the doorway unfastened for the authoritarian close to tube backmost through.

On this occurrence of The Stream we instrumentality a look astatine the leftist authorities playing retired successful Latin America and inquire if this historical displacement volition bring astir long-lasting change.

In this occurrence of The Stream, we are joined by:
Teresa Bo, @TeresaBo
Senior Correspondent, Al Jazeera English

Oliver Stuenkel, @OliverStuenkel
Political Scientist & Writer

Isabel Castillo, @IsaCastilloCar
Researcher, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Published On 23 Mar 2022

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