Can talks end the war in Ukraine?

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From: Inside Story

Despite the fierce fighting, representatives from Ukraine and Russia person met respective times.

Civilians nether siege successful Ukraine’s Mariupol are experiencing immoderate of the astir relentless warring since the warfare began.

Russia sees the confederate larboard metropolis arsenic captious for its subject campaign, portion Kyiv accuses Moscow of committing warfare crimes.

Despite the fighting, representatives from some sides person met respective times.

There are 3 main points: a ceasefire, an extremity to each hostilities and humanitarian corridors.

But determination has been nary advancement truthful far.

So, bash these talks service immoderate purpose?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom


Volodymyr Kulyk – Head probe chap astatine the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Ulrich Brueckner – Professor of governmental subject astatine Stanford University successful Berlin

Pavel Felgenhauer – Defence and subject analyst

Published On 20 Mar 2022

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