Cash-strapped Sri Lanka cancels school exams over paper shortage

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Official sources said the determination could efficaciously clasp up tests for astir two-thirds of the country’s 4.5 cardinal students.

Published On 19 Mar 2022

Sri Lanka has cancelled exams for millions of schoolhouse students successful the Western Province arsenic the state ran retired of printing insubstantial with Colombo abbreviated connected dollars to concern imports, according to officials.

Education authorities said the word tests, scheduled a week from Monday, were postponed indefinitely owed to an acute insubstantial shortage arsenic Sri Lanka contends with its worst fiscal situation since independency successful 1948.

“School principals cannot clasp the tests arsenic printers are incapable to unafraid overseas speech to import indispensable insubstantial and ink,” the Department of Education of the Western Province, location to astir six cardinal people, said.

Term tests for classes 9, 10 and 11 are portion of a continuous appraisal process to determine if students are promoted to the adjacent people astatine the extremity of the year.

A debilitating economical situation brought connected by a shortage of overseas speech reserves to concern indispensable imports has seen the state tally debased connected food, substance and pharmaceuticals.

IMF bailout

The cash-strapped South Asian federation of 22 cardinal announced this week that it volition question an IMF bailout to resoluteness its worsening overseas indebtedness situation and enactment up outer reserves.

The International Monetary Fund connected Friday confirmed it was considering President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s astonishment Wednesday petition to sermon a bailout.

The land federation secured a $1bn recognition enactment from India to bargain urgently needed nutrient and medicine, officials said, aft Finance Minister Basil Rajapaksa’s sojourn to New Delhi.

About $6.9bn of Colombo’s indebtedness needs to beryllium serviced this twelvemonth but its overseas currency reserves stood astatine astir $2.3bn astatine the extremity of February.

Long queues person formed crossed the state for groceries and lipid with the authorities instituting rolling energy blackouts and rationing of beverage powder, sugar, lentils and rice.

Sri Lanka earlier this twelvemonth asked China, 1 of its main creditors, to assistance enactment disconnected indebtedness payments but determination has been nary authoritative effect yet from Beijing.

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