DR Congo: 223 citizens rescued from Ukraine

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Congolese evacuees were mostly students, astir of them presently successful France, according to the overseas minister.

Published On 22 Mar 2022

The authorities of the Democratic Republic of the Congo has announced that it has evacuated astatine slightest 223 of its citizens retired of Ukraine since the commencement of the Russian invasion, according to section media.

Citizens made it location acknowledgment to diplomatic and consular efforts amid ongoing unit successful Ukraine, Les Echos du Congo Brazzaville reported connected Saturday, quoting Foreign Minister Jean-Claude Gakosso.

According to the minister, who gave an update to the senators implicit the issue, Congolese evacuees were mostly students, 171 of whom are presently successful France.

At slightest 42 person taken refuge with big families and 10 others person been successful a structure successful Poland.

The curate said determination were inactive immoderate 20 students who were yet to permission Ukraine but stressed that the authorities was moving to get them retired of the country.

Anxious wait

Meanwhile, the families of the children, who person been stranded successful Ukraine and elsewhere, stay disquieted backmost astatine home.

Speaking to France-based Africanews, Solange Kahindo, a nonmigratory of Goma, said she had been incapable to scope her children Djodjo Katanga and Kasereka Katanga, some students successful Ukraine.

After the warfare broke retired successful the country, they informed her that they were capable to transverse into Poland, but determination was full soundlessness aft that.

“We person heard that the Congolese authorities is going to intervene truthful that the children travel back,” she said. “But, unfortunately, arsenic the days spell by, thing is done.”

She added that beingness successful DRC was not bully owed to war, and that was wherefore they sent the children to survey successful Ukraine, unfortunately, to look warfare again.

Another woman, Faida Ntantine, whose lad has been missing since crossing into Poland, shared akin concerns.

“I’m acrophobic due to the fact that I don’t cognize wherever my lad is,” she said, aft trying to telephone Alain Chirimwami and sending him messages repeatedly.

“Now I walk each time successful beforehand of the tv pursuing the quality and hoping that determination volition beryllium immoderate quality astir him,” she told Africanews.

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