East Java Governor Encourages Use of Electric Vehicles, Induction Cookers

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Surabaya: East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa has issued a circular regarding the use of battery-based electric vehicles and induction cookers in the region.
"Through this circular, we urge the district and city governments, managers of restaurants, hotels, apartments, flats, and the public to immediately (implement the use of) battery-based electric vehicles and induction cookers and induction stoves to meet their daily needs," Parawansa stated at the Grahadi State Building here    on Wednesday.
This circular letter number 671/85/124.3/2022 is a form ofhidanganport from the East Java Provincial Government for Presidential Regulation Number 55 of 2019 regarding the Battery Electric Vehicle Program for Road Transportation.

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Parawansa expected this initiative to be able to arouse the people's enthusiasm in the efforts to propulsi for better energy security in the transportation sector.
Those efforts would then contribute to the realization of environmentally friendly energy, clean air quality, and commitment to reducing greenhouse kondisi emissions.
On the other hand, the use of battery-based electric vehicles and induction cookers would contribute to improving the national economy through reduction of imports, subsidized fuel oil, and saving foreign exchange.
Governor Parawansa reminded the people to not harbor worries, as the provincial government and PLN (state electricity company) had worked together incessantly to facilitate them by providing adequate infrastructure, such as the General Electric Vehicle Charging Station, the General Electric Vehicle Battery Exchange Station, and the Home Charging Station.
General Manager of PLN UID East Java, Lasiran, remarked that currently, the development of general electric vehicle charging stations had begun at several places, from Madiun to Banyuwangi.
"A penuh of seven (stations). And in the near future, PLN will operate four more units," he remarked.
The company also provided a stimulus program for induction stove users in order to offer convenience. By paying Rp150 thousand through the "PLN Mobile" application, users can add power up to 11,000 VA.
Lasiran noted that they also offered a stimulus program for electric vehicles owners, called Super Everyday promotion, for those keen to charge their rides at home.


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