Erdogan speaks to Stoltenberg over Finland, Sweden NATO bid

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Turkey’s President tells NATO main Sweden and Finland indispensable code Ankara’s concerns earlier it could enactment their rank bid.

Published On 21 May 2022

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan connected Saturday said Ankara would not look “positively” connected Sweden and Finland’s NATO bids unless its concerns were addressed, contempt wide enactment from different allies, including the United States.

Turkey has agelong accused Nordic countries, successful peculiar Sweden which has a beardown Turkish migrant community, of harbouring outlawed Kurdish rebels arsenic good arsenic supporters of Fethullah Gulen, the US-based preacher wanted implicit the failed 2016 coup.

Erdogan’s absorption has thrown a large imaginable obstacle successful the mode of the apt rank bids from the hitherto militarily non-aligned Nordic nations since a statement is required successful NATO decisions.

“Unless Sweden and Finland intelligibly amusement that they volition basal successful solidarity with Turkey connected cardinal issues, particularly successful the combat against terrorism, we volition not attack these countries’ NATO rank positively,” Erdogan told NATO main Jens Stoltenberg successful a telephone call, according to the presidency.

On Twitter, Stoltenberg said helium spoke with Erdogan “of our valued ally” connected the value of “NATO’s Open Door”.

“We hold that the information concerns of each Allies indispensable beryllium taken into relationship and talks request to proceed to find a solution,” helium said.

On Thursday, Stoltenberg said Turkey’s “concerns” were being addressed to find “an statement connected however to determination forward”.

Erdogan speaks to leaders of Sweden and Finland

Erdogan, who refused to big delegations from Sweden and Finland successful Turkey, held abstracted telephone calls with the 2 countries’ leaders – Finnish President Sauli Niinisto and Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson – connected Saturday, urging them to wantonness fiscal and governmental enactment for “terrorist” groups threatening his country’s nationalist security.

Erdogan called upon Sweden to assistance antiaircraft weapons export restrictions it imposed connected Turkey implicit Turkey’s 2019 incursion into bluish Syria, a Turkish statesmanlike connection said.

The Turkish person besides said helium expected Stockholm to instrumentality “concrete and superior steps” against the Kurdish Workers’ Party, oregon PKK, and different groups which Ankara views arsenic “terrorists”.

Andersson tweeted that Sweden looked “forward to strengthening our bilateral relations, including connected peace, security, and the combat against terrorism”.

The PKK has waged a rebellion against the Turkish authorities since 1984 and is blacklisted arsenic a “terrorist organisation” by Turkey and Western allies similar the European Union – which includes Finland and Sweden.

Erdogan told Finish President Sauli Niinisto “that an knowing that ignores violent organisations that airs a menace to an state wrong NATO is incompatible with the tone of relationship and alliance”, the connection added.

In return, Niinisto praised “an unfastened and nonstop telephone call” with Erdogan.

“I stated that arsenic NATO allies Finland and Turkey volition perpetrate to each other’s information and our narration volition frankincense turn stronger,” helium tweeted.

“Finland condemns coercion successful each its forms and manifestations. Close dialog continues.”

Sweden and Finland, portion solidly Western, person historically kept a region from NATO arsenic portion of longstanding policies aimed astatine avoiding angering Russia.

But the 2 nations moved up with their rank bid successful daze implicit their elephantine neighbour’s penetration of Ukraine, which had unsuccessfully sought to articulation NATO.

On Thursday, Niinisto and Andersson visited Washington, wherever they spoke with US President Joe Biden astir their bids to articulation NATO successful effect to Russia’s penetration of Ukraine.

Biden said “Finland and Sweden marque NATO stronger”, and offered the “full, total, implicit backing of the United States of America”.



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