Europe-bound ship carrying refugees capsizes off Tunisia, 20 dead

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Coastguards retrieve 8 much bodies connected Saturday aft uncovering 12 connected Friday, a civilian extortion authoritative said.

Published On 20 Mar 2022

The decease toll from a migrant shipwreck disconnected Tunisia connected Friday has risen to 20, astir of them Syrians, arsenic they tried to transverse the Mediterranean to Italy, a civilian extortion authoritative said connected Saturday, successful the latest migrant vessel catastrophe disconnected Tunisia.

The authoritative told Reuters quality bureau that coastguards recovered 8 bodies connected Saturday, aft uncovering 12 connected Friday. A hunt was inactive nether way.

Tunisia and neighbouring Libya are cardinal departure points for migrants and refugees seeking to scope European shores.

Hundreds of thousands of radical person made the perilous Mediterranean crossing successful caller years, galore of them fleeing struggle and poorness successful Africa and the Middle East.

In precocious February, 9 migrants and refugees from assorted African countries drowned aft their vessel capsized disconnected the Tunisian seashore portion they were trying to scope Europe.

Earlier this month, the bodies of 4 African migrants and refugees were recovered successful eastbound Tunisia, with authorities saying they had astir apt died of acold oregon hunger aft crossing the Algerian border.

The United Nations’ exile bureau UNHCR has said astir 1,300 migrants and refugees drowned oregon went missing successful 2021 connected the Central Mediterranean route, making it the world’s deadliest migration pathway.

The International Organization for Migration estimates that much than 18,000 migrants and refugees person died oregon disappeared portion attempting to marque the travel since 2014.

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