Fear of political turmoil as Pakistan PM faces no-confidence vote

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An confederation of absorption parties filed the question against Imran Khan saying helium had mislaid his parliamentary majority.

Published On 20 Mar 2022

Pakistan’s parliament volition convene connected Friday to instrumentality up a no-confidence question against Prime Minister Imran Khan, the little location speaker’s bureau said connected Sunday, heightening fears of governmental turmoil successful the country.

An confederation of absorption parties filed the question against Khan earlier this month, saying helium had mislaid his parliamentary bulk aft more than a twelve defections from his party.

Under the constitution, the talker of the little location of parliament is required to convene the league wrong 14 days of receiving the motion, a deadline which would autumn connected Monday.

But a connection from the speaker’s bureau said the day was pushed backmost respective days due to the fact that of a league of Islamic countries successful the superior Islamabad scheduled for March 23.

A wide   presumption    of the Pakistan parliamenThe associated absorption commands 163 seats successful the little location of the National Assembly of Pakistan, but could physique a bulk if astir of the defectors efficaciously articulation [File: Waseem Khan/Reuters]

Without the conjugation partners and the dissidents, Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, which has 155 seats successful the little house, would autumn abbreviated of the 172 needed to clasp power.

The associated absorption has a spot of astir 163 but could physique a bulk if astir of the defectors efficaciously articulation its ranks via a no-confidence vote.

The absorption accuses Khan of mismanaging the system and overseas policy.

No Pakistani PM has ever completed a afloat term.

‘Come back’

During a rally connected Sunday, Khan appealed to the disgruntled lawmakers to instrumentality to the ruling party.

“Come backmost and I volition forgive you. We each marque mistakes,” helium said successful the metropolis of Malakand successful Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. “Like a begetter forgives his children.”

Moreover, Khan has called connected the nationalist to amusement enactment for his premiership by holding a “million-man” rally successful Islamabad connected March 27.

Khan’s PTI has accused immoderate successful the absorption of bribing and offering governmental favours to dissidents and different allies successful an effort to bring down the government.

On Sunday, Federal Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry said the PTI had formally asked dissident members to clarify their positions wrong 7 days oregon look consequences.

Earlier this week, Chaudhry announced the enactment volition file a motion successful the country’s Supreme Court regarding defections during a ballot of no-confidence, and its legality nether Pakistan’s constitution.

Opposition and governmental analysts besides accidental Khan has fallen retired with Pakistan’s almighty military, whose enactment is captious for immoderate enactment to attain power.

Khan and the subject contradict the accusation.



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