Four US troops killed in military plane crash in Norway

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Four American servicemen were taking portion successful an yearly workout involving 30,000 troops, 200 planes and 50 ships.

Published On 19 Mar 2022

A United States subject level taking portion successful NATO exercises has crashed successful Norway, sidesplitting each 4 American troops connected board.

The 4 were taking portion successful the Cold Response subject exercises involving 30,000 troops from NATO and spouse countries. About 200 planes and immoderate 50 ships are taking portion successful the exercises, which volition proceed until April 1.

The US Marine Corps earlier confirmed “a mishap” involving an MV-22B Osprey craft during the exercises, and said Norwegian civilian authorities were starring the search-and-rescue efforts.

“It’s with large sadness that we received the connection saying that 4 American soldiers died successful a level clang past night,” Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store said connected Twitter connected Saturday.

The level was reported missing connected Friday evening southbound of Bodo successful bluish Norway.

At 1:30am (00:30 GMT) connected Saturday, “the constabulary arrived astatine the scene. The constabulary successful Nordland County present corroborate that the unit of 4 person died. As acold arsenic the constabulary know, the 4 are of American nationality,” the Norwegian defence ministry said successful a connection connected Saturday.

Cold Response 2022 aims to trial however Norway would negociate allied reinforcements connected its ungraded successful the lawsuit that NATO’s communal defence clause was triggered.

‘A normal procedure’

Tensions betwixt Russia and NATO person soared pursuing Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, but the exercises were planned agelong earlier that violative began connected February 24.

Police launched an probe into the crash.

“The upwind is precise atrocious successful the country to implicit enactment astatine the scene, but constabulary volition instrumentality it up again arsenic soon arsenic the upwind conditions let it,” operations manager Ivar Bo Nilsson from the Norland constabulary territory told reporters.

Lieutenant-General Yngve Odlo, caput of the Norwegian Armed Forces’ operational headquarters, said Cold Response would proceed contempt the crash.

“Right present determination is afloat absorption connected ending the rescue operation, taking attraction of the radical and past determination volition beryllium a mean process with causation,” Odlo was quoted arsenic saying by Norwegian nationalist broadcaster NRK.

The archetypal Cold Response workout was held successful 2006, and the drills person been conducted 8 times implicit the years. They instrumentality spot successful southeastern, cardinal and bluish Norway.

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