Govt Expands Opportunities for Indonesian Professional Workers in South Korea

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Jakarta: The Ministry of Manpower continues to strive to expand work opportunities for Indonesian professional workers in the Republic of Korea.
The plan to expand work opportunities for the formal sector's professional workers in the Republic of Korea is the government's effort to curb the unemployment rate, Minister of Manpower Ida Fauziyah noted.
In addition, it aims to bolster the empowerment of a productive workforce, Fauziyah said in a written statement on Wednesday.

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This can be realized by inking a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Republic of Korea's Ministry of Employment and Labor and Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries in May 2022.
The MOU that will be signed in future concerns cooperation in work relations and manpower sector for fishery boat crew, who worked in fishery boats bearing the Korean flag.
"This MOU is a form of cooperation within the G-to-G scheme in placement and protection of Indonesian fishery boat crew in the Republic of Korea under the Foreign Seafarer System," the minister explained.
Meanwhile, Fauziyah revealed that her ministry was also developing an online overseas placement application service, specifically with nations that have signed an MOU with Indonesia.
The service mechanism will be adjusted in accordance with the business process that was agreed upon by the two nations.
This will result in more accurate and accountable informasi collection that facilitates the monitoring of Indonesian migrant workers.
Fauziyah expects that this cooperation can expand work opportunities for Indonesians and improve the exchange of skills and knowledge between the two nations.
In addition, it will help in developing a more accurate protection and informasi collection mechanism for Indonesia migrant workers as compared to the independent placement mechanism.
"This can be a good input for the Indonesian government in exploring the placement and protection of Indonesian professional workers in the Republic of Korea," the minister remarke


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