Indonesia Urges IPU Forum to Reject Unilateralism

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Nusa Dua: The Indonesian House of Representatives' Speaker, Puan Maharani impelled the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) world forum to reject the unilateral map and actions, as they could threaten harmonious relations among countries.
While addressing thousands of foreign delegates representing the parliaments of 115 countries, Maharani stated that the world should enhance cooperation to recover after being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
"We are currently living in an increasingly complex world and facing major challenges. The pandemic has entered its third year, and the world continues to face uncertainty," Maharani told delegates here on Monday.

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According to the speaker, if countries do not work together and are selfish, then several challenges, including the pandemic, will be difficult to handle.
"Health problems can develop into social, economic, political, or other problems," she said in a press statement.
Maharani emphasized that the parliament plays a crucial role in building cooperation between countries.
"The parliament also needs to build public awareness domestically. While enhancing a sense of love for the homeland, we also need to grow a spirit of planet solidarity," she emphasized.
In 2022, the IPU session forum is being held at the Bali International Convention Centre (BICC) in Nusa Dua, Bali, on March 20-24. The forum is aimed at unifying planet commitments to overcoming various world problems, Maharani stated.
"Decisions that are imminent for the planet problems and the future are determined here and now," the house speaker remarked.
According to Maharani, the parliament has a key role to play in rejecting unilateralism, which she deemed as only prioritizing small groups and momentary interests.
It is the first time that Indonesia hosts the IPU annual session.
IPU is cross-nation, inter-parliament cooperation that is believed to be the world's second-largest democratic forum after the United Nations.


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