Jakarta's Sarinah Building Reopens as Major Refurbishment Completed

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Jakarta: Sarinah Building that hosts the Sarinah Department Store on MH Thamrin Road, Central Jakarta, has been reopened since Monday following major refurbishment on the building conducted since 2020.
As observed by ANTARA on Monday, several tenants on the ground floor, including a batik cloth store and restaurants, have reopened,potongother tenants had not yet reopened.
An exhibition presenting the history of Sarinah Building since its inauguration in 1966 and its early era until the major refurbishment that was commenced in 2020 and completed this year is also present on the ground floor.

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On the first floor, visitors could access another section of the Sarinah Department Store at the left side of the escalator.
Other tenants on the first floor, mostly serving food and beverages, are bakeries, restaurants offering Indonesian and Japanese cuisine, and coffee shops.
Visitors could access more restaurants that serve Indonesian, Japanese, and European cuisines on the second floor. Other tenants on the second floor are a hair salon and a spa. Some restaurants have begun serving customers.
Up to the third floor, visitors could access another part of the Sarinah Department Store that offers souvenir and home furniture products, such as wayang puppet, rattan and bamboo products, and wall decorations.
The fourth floor of Sarinah Building is yet to be opened to the public, and the building's management is yet to inform about tenants that will occupy the fourth floor.
According to State-owned Enterprises (SOEs) Minister Erick Thohir in September last year, Sarinah Building was earlier planned to be reopened in August 2022, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the reopening was deferred to March this year.
Thohir remarked that Sarinah will continue to be treated as part of history by implementing a new system and business model.
"I think it proves that history should not be forgotten. This is where Sarinah continues to be a part of history, but with a new ecosystem and business model," he added. 


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