Jayland Walker: Police killing of Black man in US causes anger

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Officials acceptable to merchandise assemblage cam footage of the sidesplitting of Jayland Walker, who his lawyer says suffered arsenic galore arsenic 60 wounds.

Published On 3 Jul 2022

Protesters are demanding justness aft constabulary killed a Black man successful the US authorities of Ohio, with a lawyer representing the household of Jayland Walker saying the 25-year-old had been changeable erstwhile his backmost was turned to constabulary during the June 27 incidental successful the metropolis of Akron.

The officers progressive successful Walker’s sidesplitting person been placed connected administrative permission pending an investigation, with the politician of Akron and the city’s constabulary main acceptable to springiness an update connected the incidental connected Sunday.

Officials are readying to merchandise assemblage camera footage of the incident.

Lawyer Bobby DiCello told the Akron Beacon Journal that it is believed constabulary fired arsenic galore arsenic 90 shots astatine Walker, with his office’s probe suggesting Walker suffered “60 to 80 wounds”, though helium noted a azygous slug tin origin aggregate wounds.

The lawyer, who said helium had reviewed the assemblage camera footage of the sidesplitting anterior to its planned release, said his squad had not seen immoderate grounds that Walker fired astatine the officers.

Authorities person said Walker fled an aboriginal greeting postulation halt and that officers reported a weapon being fired from Walker’s vehicle, from which helium ran earlier helium was fatally changeable successful a adjacent parking lot.

“He is conscionable successful a down sprint erstwhile helium is dropped by I deliberation the number is much than 90 shots,” DiCello told the newspaper. “Now however galore of those land, according to our probe close now, we’re getting details that suggest 60 to 80 wounds.”

His sanction is Jayland Walker. ⁣

8 Akron Ohio cops fired 90 bullets astatine him, hitting him 60 times passim hie full body.

The cops pulled him implicit for a TRAFFIC VIOLATION.

He was 25.

He was a @doordash driver.


HE WAS MURDERED.#JaylandWalker pic.twitter.com/CLqQtgx1ZQ

— Bishop Talbert Swan (@TalbertSwan) June 30, 2022

A constabulary connection released aft the incidental maintained “actions by the fishy caused the officers to comprehend helium posed a deadly menace to them”.

The decease sparked tiny protests successful Akron opening connected Wednesday, with galore likening the incidental to respective high-profile constabulary killings of Black radical successful the US successful caller years.

The nationalist choler reached a fever pitch successful 2020 pursuing the constabulary sidesplitting of George Floyd, an unarmed Black antheral successful Minneapolis, Minnesota. One serviceman has since been convicted of murder successful that incidental and 3 others were convicted of violating Floyd’s civilian rights.

Speaking to reporters connected Friday, Walker’s aunt, Lajuana Walker-Dawkins, told reporters: “Jayland was a saccharine young man, helium ne'er caused immoderate trouble.”

Akron protestation Saturday implicit constabulary shooting decease of Jayland Walker is growing… https://t.co/vQaGrU57tE

— Amanda Garrett (@agarrettABJ) July 2, 2022

During a protestation connected Saturday, Jazzimine Beasley, the sister of Walker’s fiancee who died successful a car clang past month, called for accountability.

“This was my brother,” she told the Beacon Journal. “I’m present to get justice. I’m conscionable truthful angry.”

Rodderick Pounds Sr, the pastor of the Second Baptist Church successful Akron, said helium had besides been permitted to presumption assemblage camera footage of the sidesplitting anterior to its nationalist merchandise and said it did not amusement Walker posing a menace to the officers earlier helium was shot.

He called the video “shocking” and said the sidesplitting was similar a “massacre”.

“It’s barbaric,” Pounds said successful an interrogation with section tv presumption WEWS-TV.

Local elected officials person called for a national probe into the killing.



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