Kyiv sees high risk of attack on western Ukraine from Belarus

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President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s bureau says determination is simply a precocious hazard of an onslaught connected the Volyn portion being launched from Belarus.

Published On 20 Mar 2022

Ukraine sees a precocious hazard of an onslaught connected occidental Ukraine’s Volyn portion being launched from Belarus, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s bureau has said.

The Russian invasion has mostly focused connected northern, confederate and eastbound areas of Ukraine, though missiles past week besides deed the Yavoriv subject base, adjacent to the Polish border.

It was not instantly wide whether Ukraine saw the menace of an onslaught connected Volyn from Russian forces oregon the Belarusian military, which has truthful acold not publically committed troops to supporting Russia.

Belarus has served arsenic a staging station for Russian troops, missiles and aircraft, some earlier and aft Russia launched its penetration of Ukraine connected February 24, but it has not deployed its ain forces successful progressive battle.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said connected Tuesday that his state had intercepted a rocket fired astatine it 2 days agone from Ukraine, but that it would defy what helium called attempts to gully it into the struggle crossed the border.

Lukashenko said the rocket was intercepted and destroyed by Belarus with Russian assistance implicit the Pripyat area, adjacent the Ukrainian border.

The Kyiv authorities accused Russia past week of staging “false flag” aerial attacks connected Belarus from Ukraine to supply an excuse for Moscow’s adjacent ally, which has served arsenic a staging station for Russian forces entering Ukraine, to articulation the struggle itself.

“I warned you that they would propulsion america into this operation, into this war,” Lukashenko told Belarusian soldiers, according to the authorities quality bureau BelTA.

“There’s thing for america to bash there, and we haven’t been invited,” Lukashenko was quoted arsenic saying. “I privation to emphasise again … We are not going to go progressive successful this cognition that Russia is conducting in Ukraine.”

Nevertheless, helium suggested that Belarus’s patience was not unlimited. It was not wide however Ukraine would payment from Belarus’s progressive information successful the war.

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