Pakistan’s Khan urges Islamic nations to mediate in Ukraine war

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Pakistani person asks Muslim-majority nations to assistance extremity Russia’s warfare successful Ukraine, appealing besides to China to articulation the effort.

Published On 23 Mar 2022

Pakistan’s premier curate has urged overseas ministers from Muslim-majority nations to assistance extremity Russia’s warfare successful Ukraine, appealing besides to China’s apical diplomat to articulation the effort.

Imran Khan spoke connected Tuesday astatine the commencement of a two-day gathering successful Islamabad of the 57-member Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), which for the archetypal clip saw the attendance of China’s overseas minister, Wang Yi, arsenic a peculiar guest.

The warfare successful Ukraine “could person large consequences for the world,” Khan warned and added that the remainder of the satellite is “already suffering” with surging prices of oil, state and wheat from a portion known arsenic the breadbasket of the world.

He urged the ministers to “mediate, effort to bring astir a ceasefire and an extremity to the conflict”.

Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran KhanKhan, centre, attends the bonzer league of OIC Council of Foreign Ministers successful Islamabad [Rahmat Gul/AP]

The OIC gathering successful Islamabad has an ambitious docket that seeks support for much than 100 declarations, including assistance for financially strapped Afghanistan and enactment for the Palestinians, and the radical surviving successful the disputed portion of Kashmir.

“We person failed some the Palestinians and the radical of Kashmir. I americium bittersweet to accidental that we person been capable to marque nary interaction astatine all,” helium said.

“We (Muslims) are 1.5 cardinal radical and yet our dependable to halt this blatant injustice is insignificant.”

Khan has tried to presumption himself connected the planetary stage, but his insistence connected continuing with a visit to Moscow past month arsenic Russian troops invaded Ukraine perplexed adjacent his astir ardent admirers.

INTERACTIVE Russia Ukraine War representation  Who controls what Day 28(Al Jazeera)

He was besides 1 of the fewer satellite leaders to be the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics erstwhile others boycotted successful protestation astatine China’s quality rights record.

However, Wang’s attendance astatine the OIC league underscored China’s expanding power among OIC countries – arsenic good arsenic the Islamic organisation’s readiness to overlook charges of wide attacks by Chinese authorities connected the country’s number Muslim Uighurs.

Khan, who has made warring Islamophobia a apical priority, has refused to condemn China implicit allegations of maltreatment against the Uighurs. Pakistan has signed a multi-billion dollar roadworthy and vigor task that volition nexus its Arabian Sea larboard of Gwadar to China successful the north.

In his code astatine the conference, the Chinese overseas curate said China supports Russia and Ukraine continuing bid talks for the involvement of a ceasefire, an extremity to the warfare and peace.

“We request to forestall humanitarian disasters and forestall the spillover of the Ukrainian situation from affecting oregon harming the morganatic rights and interests of different regions and countries,” helium said.

Wang said aft the outbreak of coronavirus, Beijing provided 1.3 cardinal doses of COVID-19 vaccines and a ample magnitude of supplies to combat the microorganism to 50 Islamic countries.

Later, Wang met with Khan, according to a authorities statement.

It said the “two sides discussed the concern successful Ukraine and reiterated the imperative request for an contiguous cessation of hostilities and continued efforts for a solution done sustained dialog and diplomacy”.

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi met separately with his Chinese counterpart, the ministry said. The 2 “discussed the concern successful Ukraine and reiterated the request for a solution done sustained dialog and diplomacy,” it said.

Michael Kugelman, lawman manager of the Asia Program astatine the US-based Wilson Center, tweeted that it was “rather ironic” to spot Wang astatine the conference.

“It’s besides a reminder of the precocious worth that the OIC states spot connected their commercialized relations with Beijing,” Kugelman said.

Khan has agelong campaigned against increasing anti-Muslim sentiment, and takes credit for the United Nations determination past week to follow an International Day to Combat Islamophobia.

Khan is hosting the OIC league whilst scrambling to combat a no-confidence vote successful the National Assembly arsenic aboriginal arsenic adjacent week, with the absorption accusing him of mismanaging the system and overseas policy.

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