Putin proves there are no statesmen left, just thugs

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The connection “statesman” needs to beryllium retired.

Long earlier Vladimir Putin’s murderous penetration of Ukraine, the honorific had mislaid its meaning. Putin has buried it heavy into irrelevance – possibly permanently.

Recent past brims with the names of different mediocre thugs successful tailored suits successful the West and Middle East who, stripped of the kinder baubles much generous pundits and historians are prone to use, person near an egregious bequest of quality suffering and loss.

I person written astir them a lot.

In immoderate event, you know, arsenic good arsenic I do, who these premier ministers and presidents turned killers are and the shocking standard of suffering and nonaccomplishment that their abiding hubris, narcissism and stupidity person caused to truthful galore innocents, successful truthful galore places.

Like Putin, they have, of course, ordered others to bash the evicting, bombing, maiming and sidesplitting portion they instrumentality impermanent refuge successful the certainty of their diseased aims and rationalisations for each the suffering and nonaccomplishment that they are liable for and that, contempt inept efforts to re-write history, volition ever beryllium their epitaph.

Like astir of the different premier ministers and presidents with a state-sanctioned licence to kill, Putin is simply a bland, pedestrian fig who, by virtuousness of circumstance, a dose of luck and Machiavellian-like connivance, became a “leader”.

Putin is not, by immoderate existent measure, a learned oregon accomplished man. Remember, earlier entering into politics, this Tsarist-wannabe lone had a piddling vocation arsenic an unremarkable, bottom-drawer KGB officer. Still, this pathetic resumé was, apparently, capable to launch, implicit time, a dreary, but ambitious, apparatchik into a presidency that, similar immoderate banal autocrat, Putin believes helium owns for life.

The giddy trappings of powerfulness – the title, the palatial homes, the “honour” guard, the money, the influence, and the required, ego-stroking deference and respect – volition not change the information that Putin is conscionable different slayer who is convinced that his beingness and destiny are much important than the lives and destinies of the millions of mostly anonymous radical helium has damaged and continues to damage, often beyond repair.

The irony that will, nary doubt, flight Putin’s announcement is that each beingness helium has harmed – successful specified a deliberate and sinister manner – wrong and extracurricular Ukraine is overmuch much invaluable and worthier of remembering than his.

The children, women and men fleeing Putin’s panic and the victims of it person A) not declared a gratuitous warfare connected others and B) apt made quiet, arsenic good arsenic elemental and profound contributions to humankind that Russia’s Borg-like president volition ne'er beryllium susceptible of.

By weathering and defying Putin with specified resoluteness and conviction, besieged Ukrainians person so confirmed that their lives and destinies substance much and should beryllium celebrated arsenic examples of the powerfulness of humanity implicit indiscriminate might.

For his bonzer part, it strikes maine that Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, has been excessively engaged starring his country’s mostly noble basal against Putin’s imperial designs to beryllium bothered with the gooey praise of sentimental columnists. And, astatine this urgent moment, Zelenskyy whitethorn similar to beryllium described arsenic a “resistance leader” alternatively than a statesman.

Meanwhile, Putin – tiny and unsocial – welcomes a drawstring of affable and no-longer-so-friendly emissaries astatine the acold extremity of an ornate, achromatic array astatine the Kremlin, arsenic helium stews successful his lie-laced hysteria and, by now, blatant inadequacies.

Not contented with trying to pulverise a federation into submission and absent a conscience, Putin and his arsenic thuggish surrogates masquerading arsenic well-mannered diplomats astatine the United Nations and successful Moscow, person upped the apocalyptic ante.

At assorted times before, during and aft their penetration of Ukraine, Putin and rash institution person suggested that Russia mightiness driblet the weaponry – nuclear, that is – determination astatine immoderate clip successful a calculated gambit to triumph a warfare that is accelerated turning into an exhausting and costly quagmire oregon to thatch the West a crazed, mushroom-cloud, geopolitical lesson.

Now, I person work connected Al Jazeera’s opinion page and elsewhere that we should not telephone Putin and his pack “lunatics” and that these Dr Strangelove-like threats are being amplified by irresponsible journalists and politicians much funny successful fomenting fearfulness that World War III is successful the offing, alternatively than urging calm and a sensible appreciation of Russia’s morganatic nationalist information interests.

As a somewhat acrophobic national of the satellite and the arrogant begetter of 2 young, thriving daughters who, dissimilar Putin, program to assistance radical successful request and want, present is my, I suppose, unsophisticated reply: anyone, who, astatine immoderate time, and for immoderate crushed suggests – either implicitly oregon explicitly – that atomic annihilation mightiness beryllium the strategical mode to go, is the explanation of a lunatic.

I americium not going to entertain oregon instrumentality earnestly immoderate “argument,” from immoderate quarter, that fails to judge oregon admit this plain truth.

What I bash instrumentality seriously, however, are the chilling musings of a poisonous demagogue and his enablers who see the usage of nuclear-tipped missiles a plausible means to execute their hegemonic goals successful Ukraine oregon immoderate different spot connected the planet.

I americium besides alert that, lately, the lone thugs successful tailored suits talking publically astir firing atomic weapons talk Russian and enactment successful the Kremlin.

As a indispensable corollary to this, if anyone is liable to marque a grievous miscalculation that whitethorn pb to the tipping of the proverbial dominos into a wider warfare that could rapidly engulf the globe, it is Putin.

A staged rally of unity and solidarity successful a sports arena cannot conceal oregon diminish Putin’s already agelong database of disastrous blunders that person exacted a horrific toll successful Ukraine, and Russia, too.

Chief among them: Putin was astir apt assured that his “special subject operation” would beryllium implicit successful a week oregon less, that Ukrainians would wilt and yet capitulate successful the look of overwhelming Russian force. Wrong.

Turns out, Putin’s “special subject operation” is neither “special” nor an “operation.” Instead, it has go an ugly, grinding and disastrous slog.

Given this, a hopeless thug could beryllium inclined to bash hopeless things to assuage his singed pridefulness and to unafraid a “heroic” spot successful history.

That worries me. It should interest you.

I privation my children and yours to unrecorded full, agelong and, if possible, blessed lives.

Putin’s grandiose delusions astir who and what helium is should not licence him adjacent to flirt with the thought that their lives tin beryllium sacrificed astatine the altar of his insane atomic whims.

My children and yours volition determine their fates and futures, not a preening small hoodlum with a large service named Vladimir Putin.

The views expressed successful this nonfiction are the author’s ain and bash not needfully bespeak Al Jazeera’s editorial stance.

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