Russia has ‘failed’ to achieve objectives in Ukraine, US says

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Top Biden adjutant says US president volition enforce ‘further sanctions’ against Russia during travel to Europe this week.

Russia has failed to execute its goals successful Ukraine, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan has said, informing that contempt the apparent Russian setbacks, the warfare volition not extremity “easily oregon rapidly”.

Speaking from the White House connected Tuesday, Sullivan said Russia had acceptable 3 objectives for itself erstwhile it started its “unprovoked” invasion: subjugating Ukraine, enhancing Moscow’s powerfulness and prestige, and dividing the West.

“Russia has frankincense acold manifestly failed to execute each 3 objectives. In fact, it has frankincense acold achieved the opposite,” said Sullivan, adding that “brave” Ukrainians person refused to taxable to Russian forces.

“Although Russia whitethorn instrumentality much territory successful these brutal subject operations, it volition ne'er instrumentality the state distant from the Ukrainian people.”

Still, Sullivan predicted that the violence volition get worse successful the adjacent future. “There volition beryllium hard days up successful Ukraine – hardest for the Ukrainian troops connected the beforehand lines and the civilians nether Russian bombardment,” helium said.

Despite US assertions that Russia’s penetration is stalling, President Vladimir Putin recently stressed that the warfare was unfolding “successfully, successful strict accordance with pre-approved plans”.

Sullivan’s comments connected Tuesday came arsenic US President Joe Biden headed to Europe to reenforce unity with Washington’s allies and to coordinate their effect to the Russian invasion. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki volition not articulation the travel aft investigating affirmative for COVID-19.

Biden volition archetypal question to Brussels to be an exigency NATO acme connected Thursday, and helium is besides expected to conscionable with G7 leaders and code the European Union astatine a league of the European Council, Sullivan said.

“He volition articulation our partners successful imposing further sanctions connected Russia and tightening the existing sanctions to ace down connected evasion and to guarantee robust enforcement,” Sullivan told reporters. He besides said Biden volition denote “joint action” to trim Europe’s dependence connected Russian gas.

Biden banned Russian lipid and state imports successful the US earlier this month, and respective European countries, overmuch much babelike connected Russian supplies than the US, besides pledged to determination towards much vigor independence.

The US president volition then sojourn Poland, wherever helium volition clasp talks with President Andrzej Duda and conscionable with US troops stationed successful the country, Sullivan said.

US Vice President Kamala Harris met with Duda successful Warsaw connected March 10, downplaying a contention involving Poland’s connection to transportation Russian-made jets to Ukraine via a US basal successful Germany. The US rejected that proposal, saying it risked escalating the conflict, but stressed “unity” with its NATO allies, including Poland.

The US president has repeatedly pledged to support “every inch” of NATO territory. The confederation has a corporate defence pact that states an onslaught connected 1 subordinate is considered an onslaught connected all. Ukraine has been seeking NATO rank but is not a subordinate of the US-led bloc.

Russia launched its all-out invasion of Ukraine connected February 24 aft a months-long standoff that saw Moscow amass troops adjacent the Ukrainian borders arsenic Putin demanded an extremity to NATO expansion into erstwhile Soviet republics.

The US and its allies were speedy to enforce sweeping sanctions connected the Russian economy, arsenic good arsenic fiscal penalties connected the Russian president and elites successful his interior circle.

The warfare has pushed much than 3.5 cardinal radical to fly Ukraine, according to the United Nations, arsenic Russian forces proceed to besiege and bombard Ukrainian towns and cities.

On Monday, the US Department of Defense joined the Department of State and the White House successful accusing Russia of committing “war crimes” successful Ukraine.

Biden had angered the Kremlin erstwhile helium called Putin a “war criminal” past week, prompting Russia to summon the US ambassador successful Moscow and pass that the narration with Washington is connected the verge of “rupture”.

Asked connected Tuesday astir Putin’s grip connected powerfulness successful Moscow, Sullivan said, “From our perspective, what happens with respect to the Russian governmental strategy is thing that volition beryllium worked retired wrong Russia.

“What we tin bash is enactment guardant our basal 3 lines of effort. That’s what we’re doing: helping the Ukrainians support themselves, fortifying the NATO confederation and imposing costs and consequences [on Russia],” helium said.

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