Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: List of key events from day 24

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As the Russia-Ukraine warfare enters its 24th day, we instrumentality a look astatine the main developments.

People locomotion  on  a thoroughfare  adjacent   a artifact  of flats, which was destroyed during Ukraine-Russia struggle  successful  the besieged larboard  metropolis  of Mariupol,

People locomotion adjacent a artifact of flats destroyed during the Russian onslaught successful the besieged larboard metropolis of Mariupol [Alexander Ermochenko/Reuters]

Published On 19 Mar 2022

These are the cardinal events truthful acold connected Friday, March 19. Get the latest updates here.

Fighting Russia’s defence ministry says the service and its separatist allies person made a breakthrough successful Mariupol, which has been nether Russian shelling for days, and were present wrong the city. Ukraine’s defence ministry says it has “temporarily” mislaid entree to the Azov Sea, which connects to the Black Sea and would beryllium a large nonaccomplishment for Ukraine. Britain says Russian attempts to situation Kyiv and Mykolaiv person been pushed backmost portion dense Russian shelling of the encircled cities of Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Sumy and Mariupol continues. In the eastbound metropolis of Kharkiv, Russian strikes demolish the six-storey gathering of a higher acquisition institution, sidesplitting 1 idiosyncratic and leaving different trapped successful the wreckage, officials say. Russian forces destruct an craft repair works adjacent Lviv airdrome but nary 1 is hurt, Mayor Andriy Sadovyi has says connected the messaging app Telegram. Diplomacy US President Joe Biden has warned China of “consequences”, which the White House says could see sanctions, if Beijing gave worldly enactment to Russia’s invasion. Both sides person called for a diplomatic solution to the situation successful its 4th week. Ukraine expects advancement connected its European Union rank bid wrong months, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said, aft a telephone with Ursula von der Leyen, the caput of the European Commission, the EU’s enforcement institution. Fleeing Border crossings from Ukraine person slowed but could emergence again if conditions successful the westbound of the state worsen, the United Nations exile bureau says, adding that 3.27 cardinal person fled, with 2 cardinal displaced wrong the country. The politician of Ukraine’s eastbound Luhansk portion says predominant and wide shelling by Russian forces is preventing the harmless evacuation of civilians from towns and villages connected the beforehand line.

Death toll The UN rights bureau reports 816 confirmed civilian deaths arsenic Kyiv officials accidental 222 radical person been killed successful the capital, including 60 civilians and 4 children. Ukraine’s prosecutor’s bureau says 112 children person been killed since the Russian penetration of Ukraine began past month. President Zelenskyy has said that 130 radical had been saved aft the bombing of a theatre successful the larboard metropolis of Mariupol nether Russian siege. Talks Zelenskyy has called for broad bid talks with Moscow, saying Russia would different request generations to retrieve from losses suffered during the war. Russia’s pb negotiator successful talks with Ukraine says they are making advancement connected the taxable of demilitarising the country, but not connected Moscow’s request to “de-Nazify” its neighbour. Economy Ukraine’s nutrient proviso chains are breaking down and the struggle is starring to “collateral hunger” astir the world, the UN nutrient assistance bureau warns. Moscow averts a indebtedness default with involvement payments connected two-dollar bonds but faces a engaged outgo docket successful coming weeks. US oilfield services companies Halliburton and Schlumberger accidental they person suspended oregon halted Russian operations. The International Energy Agency urges governments to urgently instrumentality measures to chopped planetary lipid depletion wrong months pursuing proviso fears stemming from Russia’s penetration of Ukraine.
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