Russia-Ukraine live news: Moscow says war going according to plan

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Live updates,

As warring continues to rage, Kremlin says Russia would lone usage atomic weapons successful lawsuit of ‘existential threat’.

French President Emmanuel Macron has called for a ceasefire successful telephone with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. Russia’s siege of Mariupol amounts to “genocide”, Ukraine’s main authoritative has said, arsenic 200,000 radical stay trapped successful the larboard city. Kremlin says Russia could lone use atomic weapons successful lawsuit of “existential threat”. Russia says the warfare is going according to program amid reports its violative has stalled. Moscow has “failed” to execute its objectives successful Ukraine, US says. INTERACTIVE Russia Ukraine War Who controls what Day 27(Al Jazeera)

Here are the latest updates:

4 mins agone (21:26 GMT)

Striker returns to Brazil but says bosom inactive successful Ukraine

Brazilian-Ukrainian striker Junior Moraes, who returned to Brazil to articulation Corinthians, has said his caput is acold from sport.

The 34-year-old Moraes, who obtained Ukrainian citizenship 3 years ago, said helium fears for his friends and colleagues amid Russia’s invasion.

Moraes played successful Ukraine for astir of the past decade, scoring dozens of goals for Metalurg Donetsk, Dynamo Kyiv and astir precocious Shakhtar Donetsk. He has played 11 matches for the Ukrainian nationalist team.

“I can’t grin successful a mode I would similar to. I deliberation I volition lone bash that erstwhile this warfare is over,” a tearful Moraes said during a property league successful Sao Paulo.

29 mins agone (21:01 GMT)

Macron calls for ceasefire successful telephone with Putin

French President Emmanuel Macron has discussed bid talks betwixt Russia and Ukraine and called for a ceasefire successful a telephone telephone with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, the French presidency said.

The call, which was the eighth betwixt the 2 leaders since the penetration began, lasted for an hour, Macron’s bureau said. It added that the French president, who past spoke with Putin connected March 18, besides raised concerns astir the concern successful Mariupol, calling for the siege connected the strategical larboard metropolis to beryllium lifted.

29 mins agone (21:01 GMT) War going according to plan, Russia says

The Kremlin has pushed backmost against Western assertions that the Russian subject run is facing setbacks, reiterating that the penetration is going arsenic planned.

“We’re speaking astir peculiar subject cognition that is going on, and it is going connected strictly successful accordance with the with the plans,” Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told CNN.

34 mins agone (20:56 GMT)

Siege of Mariupol is ‘genocide’, says Ukraine main prosecutor

Ukrainian authoritative wide Iryna Venediktova has said grounds shows that Russia is committing “genocide” successful its siege connected the strategical larboard metropolis of Mariupol.

Around 200,000 radical are presently trapped successful Mariupol, encircled and nether relentless shelling.

“What present I spot successful Mariupol it’s not astir war, it’s astir genocide,” Venediktova told the AFP quality agency. “Theatres of warfare person immoderate rules, immoderate principles. What we spot successful Mariupol, [are] nary rules astatine all,” she added.

36 mins agone (20:54 GMT) Russia could lone usage atomic weapons successful lawsuit of ‘existential threat’: Kremlin

Russia’s information argumentation dictates that the state would lone usage atomic weapons if its precise beingness were threatened, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov has told US broadcaster CNN.

Peskov made the remark successful an English-language interrogation erstwhile asked whether helium was assured President Vladimir Putin would not usage atomic weapons.

“We person a conception of home information and it’s public, you tin work each the reasons for atomic arms to beryllium used. So if it is an existential menace for our country, past it [the atomic arsenal] tin beryllium utilized successful accordance with our concept,” helium said.

“There are nary different reasons that were mentioned successful that text.”

39 mins agone (20:52 GMT) Russia has ‘failed’ to execute objectives successful Ukraine, US says

Russia has failed to execute its goals successful Ukraine, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan has said, informing that contempt the apparent Russian setbacks, the warfare volition not extremity “easily oregon rapidly”.

Sullivan said Russia had acceptable 3 objectives for itself erstwhile it started its invasion: subjugating Ukraine, enhancing Moscow’s powerfulness and prestige, and dividing the West.

“Russia has frankincense acold manifestly failed to execute each 3 objectives. In fact, it has frankincense acold achieved the opposite,” said Sullivan.

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