Russia-Ukraine live news: UN urges ‘unhindered’ aid access

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Live updates,

All parties indispensable let desperately needed assistance to scope Ukrainians, apical UN authoritative Joyce Msuya tells Security Council.

Published On 29 Mar 2022

Moscow says it volition “fundamentally chopped back” violative operations adjacent Kyiv and Chernihiv successful bid to boost “trust” successful talks with Ukraine. Pentagon says Russia is repositioning, not withdrawing, troops astir the Ukrainian capital. US President Joe Biden says the Russian penetration of Ukraine threatens the “rules-based planetary order”. Russia’s envoy to the UN accuses the West of fuelling the struggle by sending weapons to Ukraine. WFP says Ukraine is going from being “breadbasket of the world” to being connected the “breadline”. INTERACTIVE Russia Ukraine War Who controls what Day 34(Al Jazeera)

Here are each the latest updates:

51 seconds agone (21:02 GMT)

WFP warns of ‘devastation’ to planetary assistance efforts

The enforcement manager of the World Food Programme (WFP) has warned that the situation successful Ukraine, a large nutrient producer, volition person disastrous humanitarian consequences astir the world, especially successful places already suffering nutrient shortages, similar Yemen and the Horn of Africa.

David Beasley said the satellite was already grappling with accrued nutrient and proscription prices – issues that volition get worse arsenic Ukraine goes from being “the breadbasket of the world” to being connected “the breadline”.

“Fifty percent of the atom that we bargain comes from Ukraine,” Beasley told the UN Security Council. “We provender 125 cardinal people, earlier Ukraine ever happened. And so, you tin lone presume the devastation that this is going to person connected our operations alone.”

15 mins agone (20:49 GMT) Russia accuses West of escalating the warfare by arming Ukraine

Vasily Nebenzya, Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations, has accused the West of escalating the struggle successful Ukraine by supplying what helium called the “Kyiv regime” with weapons.

Nebenzya besides rejected US assertions that the penetration of Ukraine was a “war of choice”, saying that the West was trying to make an “anti-Russia state” successful Ukraine.

17 mins agone (20:46 GMT) UN calls for ‘unhindered’ humanitarian entree successful Ukraine

Joyce Msuya, UN adjunct secretary-general for humanitarian affairs, has said assistance convoys are planned for Ukraine successful the coming days and weeks, but warring parties indispensable guarantee “unhindered” humanitarian entree successful the country.

“Civilians successful Ukraine desperately request this assistance and protection,” Msuya told a UN Security Council meeting.

“But to bash that, each parties indispensable uphold their obligations nether planetary humanitarian instrumentality to guarantee harmless and unhindered humanitarian entree to assistance civilians successful their homes and those connected the roadworthy successful Ukraine, and to let those civilians who privation to permission to get out.”

18 mins agone (20:45 GMT) Pentagon says Russia repositioning, not withdrawing, troops astir Kyiv

Russia has started moving tiny numbers of troops distant from positions astir Kyiv, the Pentagon has said, adding it was much of a repositioning than a retreat oregon a withdrawal from the war.

“Has determination been immoderate question by immoderate Russian units distant from Kyiv successful the past time oregon so? Yes, we deliberation so. Small numbers,” Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said during a quality briefing.

“But we judge that this is simply a repositioning, not a existent withdrawal, and that we each should beryllium prepared to ticker for a large violative against different areas of Ukraine. It does not mean that the menace to Kyiv is over.”

30 mins agone (20:33 GMT) Ukraine warfare threatens ‘rules-based planetary order’: Biden

US President Joe Biden has warned that the warfare successful Ukraine threatens the “rules-based planetary order”, including successful the Asia-Pacific region, wherever Washington is locked successful increasing competition with Beijing.

Speaking astatine the White House connected Tuesday alongside the premier curate of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong, Biden said “all nations” person a close to territorial integrity and sovereignty careless of their size oregon population.

“It’s wide that Putin’s warfare is unacceptable to nations successful each portion successful the satellite – not conscionable successful Europe but successful each portion of the world,” Biden told reporters. “It’s an onslaught connected the halfway planetary principles that underpin bid and information and prosperity everywhere.”

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