Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 130

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As the Russia-Ukraine warfare enters its 130th day, we instrumentality a look astatine the main developments.

Locals look   astatine  destroyed buildings successful  Lysychansk, Ukraine.

Locals look astatine destroyed buildings successful Lysychansk aft dense warring successful the Luhansk area, Ukraine [File: Oleksandr Ratushniak/EPA]

Published On 3 Jul 2022

Here are the cardinal events truthful acold connected Sunday, July 3.

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Fighting Ukrainian separatists backed by Russia accidental they person “completely” encircled the cardinal metropolis of Lysychansk successful the eastbound Luhansk region. Meanwhile, an advisor to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has conceded that the metropolis of Lysychansk, Ukraine’s past large bastion successful Luhansk, could autumn to the Russians. Ukrainian forces deed a Russian basal with much than 30 strikes successful the Russian-occupied confederate metropolis of Melitopol successful the portion of Zaporizhia, according to the city’s exiled Ukrainian mayor, Ivan Fedorov. Russia’s RIA quality bureau confirmed the attacks. At slightest 3 radical person been killed and dozens of residential buildings damaged successful the Russian metropolis of Belgorod, according to the section governor. Russia has blamed Ukraine but Kyiv has yet to comment. The Belarusian president says his service has changeable down missiles fired into their territory from Ukraine and promised to respond “instantly” to immoderate force attack.
INTERACTIVE - WHO CONTROLS WHAT IN UKRAINE- JULY3,2022(Al Jazeera) Diplomacy The European Union is preparing an exigency program to assistance subordinate states chopped backmost connected Russian energy. The caller measures — owed by mid-July — volition physique connected May’s REPowerEU program to wantonness Russian vigor sources due to the fact that of the Russian penetration of Ukraine. Leaders from dozens of countries and planetary organisations volition stitchery connected Monday and Tuesday successful the Swiss metropolis of Lugano to sermon rebuilding Ukraine, hoping to gully up a “Marshall Plan” for the country’s reconstruction.

Economy Russia remains a “reliable shaper and supplier of grain, fertilisers and energy”, President Vladimir Putin assured Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Fearing Russia mightiness chopped disconnected earthy state supplies, the caput of Germany’s regulatory bureau for vigor has called connected residents to prevention vigor and to hole for winter, erstwhile usage increases.



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