Russian forces push deeper into Ukraine’s Mariupol: Live

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Live updates,

UN says astatine slightest 847 civilians killed successful Ukraine since struggle began, 6.5 cardinal internally displaced.

Published On 19 Mar 2022

Russian forces push deeper into besieged, battered larboard metropolis of Mariupol. Ukraine says 6,623 evacuated connected Saturday, 4,128 of those near Mariupol. UN says astatine slightest 847 civilians killed successful Ukraine, 6.5 cardinal internally displaced. Local authoritative says Ukraine metropolis of Mykolaiv facing aerial raids. Ukraine calls connected China to condemn “Russian barbarism”, enactment “civilised countries’ coalition”. Poland PM calls for full commercialized prohibition betwixt the EU and Russia. Russia says it utilized Kinzhal hypersonic missiles for the archetypal clip successful Ukraine.


Here are the latest Russia-Ukraine war updates connected March 20:

6 mins agone (20:52 GMT)

Mykolaiv facing aerial raids: Local official

Russian aerial raids connected Mykolaiv were taking spot successful speedy succession connected Saturday, a determination authoritative said.

Vitaly Kim, caput of the determination administration, said determination was not adjacent capable clip to rise the alarm implicit the raids “because by the clip we denote this tornado, it’s already there”.

“The [alert] connection and the bombings get astatine the aforesaid time,” helium said connected societal media.

14 mins agone (20:44 GMT)

Ukraine says 6,623 radical evacuated connected Saturday

A full of 6,623 radical were evacuated from Ukrainian cities done humanitarian corridors connected Saturday, a elder authoritative said, considerably less than managed to flight the erstwhile day.

Kyrylo Tymoshenko, lawman caput of the president’s office, said successful an online station that 4,128 radical had near the besieged metropolis of Mariupol. On Friday, helium said 9,145 radical had managed to permission cities crossed the state during the day.

Local residents beryllium   successful  a car   arsenic  they permission  the besieged confederate  larboard  metropolis  of Mariupol Local residents beryllium successful a car arsenic they permission the besieged confederate larboard metropolis of Mariupol [Reuters]

27 mins agone (20:32 GMT)

‘The metropolis is destroyed’

Russian forces person pushed deeper into Ukraine’s besieged and battered larboard metropolis of Mariupol wherever dense warring unopen down a large alloy works and section authorities pleaded for much help.

The autumn of Mariupol, the country of immoderate of the war’s worst suffering, would people a important battlefield beforehand for the Russians, who are mostly bogged down extracurricular cardinal cities much than 3 weeks into the biggest onshore penetration successful Europe since World War II.

“Children, aged radical are dying. The metropolis is destroyed and it is wiped disconnected the look of the earth,” Mariupol constabulary serviceman Michail Vershnin said connected Saturday from a rubble-strewn thoroughfare successful a video addressed to Western leaders.

A section  nonmigratory  walks wrong  a damaged apartmentA section nonmigratory walks wrong an flat which was damaged successful Mariupol [Alexander Ermochenko/Reuters]

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