Shireen Abu Akleh’s killing: Lies, investigations and videotape

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Israel has lied from the instant that Shireen Abu Akleh was assassinated 11 days ago.

How bash we know?

Israel’s communicative astir what happened connected the murderous greeting of May 11 successful Jenin and what it was going to bash astir it has changed much often than a baby’s diaper. Palestine’s communicative has remained the aforesaid passim similar 1 long, accordant note: Israel did it and won’t admit it.

Israel’s premier minister, Naftali Bennett, has lied. Israel’s overseas minister, Yair Lapid, has lied. The Israeli service has lied.

Bennett told the archetypal large prevarication connected May 11: Palestinians did it, helium said. He was 99.99 percent sure. A Palestinian who couldn’t sprout consecutive did it. That’s what the premier curate of Israel said happened.

The aforesaid day, Lapid told the 2nd large lie: Israel wanted to assistance Palestinians – the aforesaid Palestinians who Bennett already said did it – to find retired who did it. Really, it did.

What patronising tripe from a erstwhile TV prima who erstwhile said this astir Palestinians helium was present allegedly keen to enactment with crossed the divide: “We request to get the Palestinians retired of our lives. What we person to bash is physique a precocious partition and get them retired of our sight.”

The Israeli service told the 3rd large prevarication by repeating the archetypal large lie: its soldiers bash not “target” journalists.

Apparently, the 16 Palestinian journalists who person perished since 1992 were either unlucky oregon stepped successful beforehand of oregon connected an Israeli bullet, bomb, oregon mine. Remember, not “targets”. Unfortunate.

Bennett and the Israeli service told the 4th large lie: its soldiers were shooting astatine Palestinians and Palestinians were shooting astatine Israeli soldiers erstwhile Abu Akleh was changeable successful the look by Palestinians.

An Israeli quality rights radical promptly proved that Israel’s premier curate and the service – utilizing a snippet of videotape to buttress their prevarication – had lied astir precisely wherever Abu Akleh was successful Jenin connected the time of her murder.

Meanwhile, Lapid was sticking to his gratuitous lie. Israel inactive wanted to assistance Palestinians to find retired who changeable Abu Akleh successful the look adjacent though Bennett and the service inactive said Israel did not bash it.

Then, connected May 12, Israel’s defence minister, Benny Gantz, much oregon little admitted that his boss, the premier minister, and his service had lied.

He said “our side” whitethorn person killed Abu Akleh.

The United Nations, the European Union, immoderate US Congresswomen and men, and the White House – who were reminded that Abu Akleh was besides an American – demanded a probe into who changeable the revered Palestinian-American reporter.

Israel said it would “investigate”. The White House, the United Nations and the European Union seemed pleased and relieved.

Not everyone was pleased. Some US Congresswomen and men and galore different little gullible radical pointed retired that Israeli “investigations” thin to beryllium cover-ups. An “independent” probe – immoderate that means – was necessary.

Bennett and Lapid went mute.

Later connected May 12 Israel reportedly “confiscated” the guns of respective soldiers. By May 19, the Israel subject said it had identified the limb that whitethorn person been utilized to sprout Abu Akleh successful the look portion she was wearing a helmet and assemblage armour marked “Press” successful big, bold achromatic letters.

Israel besides said it needed the magic slug that killed Abu Akleh to effort to lucifer it to the rifle.

No, Israel doesn’t.

First, the Israelis could, successful a uncommon motion of bully religion and cooperation, conscionable arsenic easy manus implicit the firearm to the Palestinian Authority for analysis. How’s that for a caller thought that the New York Times hasn’t, predictably, considered?

Of course, Israel won’t. Palestinians cannot beryllium trusted. Only Israelis tin find and archer the truth.

Second, we person been told, much often than Bingo players person said “Bingo”, by wind-up apologists – who besides hap to beryllium politicians, diplomats, journalists oregon think-tank “experts” – that Israel has the “most motivation service successful the world”.

Let’s, for the moment, judge that acquainted large lie. Israel has, for the moment, the astir motivation service successful the world. Everyone got it?

The connection “moral” suggests – implicitly and explicitly – that Israeli soldiers are models of probity and honesty. They’re saints – if you volition forgive the imprecise spiritual analogy.

OK. Simple. Israel tin inquire the saint who fired that weapon successful Jenin aboriginal connected the greeting of May 11 1 question: Did you sprout Shireen Abu Akleh successful the look portion she was wearing a helmet and assemblage armour marked “Press” successful big, bold achromatic letters?

One question. One answer. End of “investigation”.

A subordinate of the astir motivation service successful the satellite is going to archer the truth. Right? I mean that’s what saints do. They archer the truth. Come clean. Own up. Do the right, honourable and motivation thing. No magic slug required.

Like you, I uncertainty the question was asked oregon ever volition be.

Perhaps defence curate Benny Gantz is lying, too. Perhaps determination is nary gun. Perhaps the Israelis made it up to support the Americans happy. To springiness their prostrate pals astatine the State Department and White House something, thing truthful they could say: “The Israelis are making bully progress. We spot them.”

Turns out, the State Department and the White House person belatedly discovered that it’s the Israelis who cannot beryllium trusted. Welcome connected board.

On the precise time Gantz announced his radical had apt recovered the gun, the Israeli subject said that determination would not beryllium an “investigation” aft all.

An “investigation” into which Israeli worker changeable Abu Akleh successful the look mightiness upset Israelis. It could, the Israeli subject said, provoke “opposition”.

Opposition to what? The truth?

Not to worry. On May 20, aft confirming its authenticity, Al Jazeera reported connected the disturbing contents of a one-minute and forty-two-second video that captured the country soon earlier Abu Akleh was murdered.

The video confirms Palestinian witnesser accounts. There was nary “exchange” of fire. That, arsenic witnesses said, was an Israeli lie. There was, instead, calm and quiet. People were milling about, talking and laughing. Abu Akleh and her colleagues were preparing to get to work.

Then, azygous shots successful speedy succession. Six successful all. People scurry. Another volley of azygous shots. Screaming. Shouting. “Shireen”. The camera pans and tilts up. Nearby, Abu Akleh laic successful a ditch, look down.

Ah, we cognize wherefore Israel abandoned its phantom “investigation”.

The pictures, dissimilar Israel, bash not lie.

But similar Israel’s cocksure premier curate and preening overseas minister, the State Department, the White House and the US embassy successful Israel person gone mute.

America’s champion pal successful the Middle East has given, successful effect, the White House, the Secretary of State and the US Ambassador to Israel, a double-barrelled middle-finger salute astir the execution of an American citizen.

Their effect to date: Silence.


A clump of Congresswomen and men person written a missive urging the FBI to analyse the execution of Abu Akleh.

Kudos to them. Also delusional.

A clump of journalists person written a letter to the International Criminal Court urging it to analyse the execution of Abu Akleh.

Kudos to them. Also delusional.

In clip and rather rightly, Palestinians and Palestinians unsocial volition archer the satellite the details of however and wherefore Israel murdered different 1 of their beloved daughters.

It volition beryllium the full information and thing but the truth.

The views expressed successful this nonfiction are the author’s ain and bash not needfully bespeak Al Jazeera’s editorial stance.

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