Sister accuses UK government of abandoning Morad Tahbaz in Iran

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The British-Iranian biology campaigner being held successful Iran is connected hunger strike, according to his sister.

Published On 21 Mar 2022

Morad Tahbaz, a British-Iranian biology campaigner being held successful Iran, has gone connected hunger strike, according to his sister, who accused the UK authorities of abandoning him aft 2 different prisoners were released.

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and Anoosheh Ashoori flew location last week, astatine the aforesaid clip arsenic the UK authorities repaid a longstanding indebtedness to Tehran.

But Tahbaz, 69, who holds British, US and Iranian citizenship, was lone released connected furlough from Tehran’s Evin situation and was not allowed to permission the country.

After 48 hours, helium was taken backmost to prison, reportedly to person an ankle bracelet fitted, but helium has not been heard from since.

“We person heard done a comparative conscionable present … that he’s been taken from the situation and he’s been taken to an undisclosed determination and that he’s gone connected hunger strike,” Tarane Tahbaz told BBC vigor connected Monday.

“He continues to beryllium utilized arsenic a pawn connected a chessboard. And it’s precise distressing, we’re agonising, we’re perfectly distraught, and we don’t cognize what the adjacent moves are.”

Tarane Tahbaz, sister of detained Iranian-American environmentalist Morad TahbazTarane Tahbaz told Reuters that her member had been taken backmost to situation connected Friday aft being released connected furlough connected Wednesday [File: Juan Medina/Reuters]

Tarane Tahbaz said that her member has crab and has already mislaid 40kg (88 pounds) successful weight.

She accused the authorities successful London of not communicating with the household and not doing capable to unafraid Morad’s release.

“The lone reply we’ve heard from them since is that it’s due to the fact that Morad is besides an American citizen,” she said.

“Does that marque him little important oregon is that conscionable a mode of an excuse oregon a mode to borderline distant from securing his release? We don’t cognize … we consciousness precise abandoned.”

Moved again

The British overseas ministry said successful a connection that “Morad has present been moved from Evin situation to a residential determination successful Tehran.

“We person been successful interaction with Morad’s household passim the time and proceed to lobby the Iranian authorities astatine the highest levels to let him to instrumentality location immediately, arsenic the Iranian authorities committed to doing,” it said.

A Tehran tribunal successful 2020 jailed Tahbaz for 10 years connected charges of spying, conspiring with Washington and damaging nationalist security.

He and 7 others convicted connected akin charges worked with biology radical Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation to way endangered taxon and were arrested connected suspicion of espionage successful aboriginal 2018.

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