Student arrested in Sweden after two teachers killed

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A motive is unclear down the execution of 2 women successful their 50s astatine a precocious schoolhouse successful Malmo, constabulary say.

Published On 22 Mar 2022

Two pistillate teachers person been killed by a pupil astatine a precocious schoolhouse successful confederate Sweden, constabulary said connected Tuesday.

The 18-year-old pupil was arrested astatine the country connected Monday successful Malmo, Sweden’s third-largest city. The victims were successful their 50s, constabulary said.

The fishy was not antecedently known to the constabulary and had nary transgression record, and constabulary did not disclose however the teachers were killed. A motive has not been established.

“For present it is acold excessively aboriginal to remark connected that,” Malmo constabulary main Petra Stenkula told a quality conference.

She said officers recovered the fishy and 2 victims connected the 3rd level of the downtown Malmo Latin School 10 minutes aft they were alerted, adding that the concern was past “under control”.

Stenkula did not corroborate a study by the Aftonbladet newspaper, saying the antheral pupil himself called authorities to accidental helium had killed 2 people, had enactment down his weapons and was connected the 3rd floor.

Police made “seizures” and a forensic introspection “will let america to amended recognize what happened”, Stenkula said, adding authorities person nary accusation of immoderate further injuries.

Police commandos gear-up arsenic  they get  astatine  the country   of a reported incidental  astatine  the Latin School successful  MalmoPolice commandos cordon disconnected the country astatine the Latin School successful Malmo [Johan Nilsson/Pool via AFP]

Police said they were called astatine 5:12pm (16:12 GMT) connected Monday. Scores of ambulances and patrol cars rushed to the schoolhouse and equipped constabulary were seen entering the building, which was cordoned off.

Students astatine the school, which has astir 1,100 pupils, had gathered to enactment connected a philharmonic and students locked themselves wrong classrooms.

Sweden’s Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson reacted “with sadness and dismay” to the killings, according to the Swedish quality bureau TT.

All classes were suspended connected Tuesday and the schoolhouse was closed.

The killings took spot successful a modern annexe of the school, which was founded successful 1406 erstwhile the pope issued a missive of privilege allowing for its operation and operation.

It was primitively meant to amended section younker connected Christian doctrine and the Latin language.

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