Tanzania bus and truck collision kills at least 22: Presidency

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President Samia Suluhu Hassan presented her condolences connected Twitter, and urged ‘road users to adhere to postulation rules’.

Published On 19 Mar 2022

At slightest 22 radical person been killed aft a autobus crashed into a motortruck successful eastbound Tanzania connected Friday, the presidency said.

The mishap besides injured 38 people, the presidency said successful a connection connected Saturday.

The constabulary main of the eastbound portion of Morogoro, Fortunatus Muslim, said the mishap occurred successful Melela Kibaoni, immoderate 200km (120 miles) westbound of the coastal metropolis and economical hub Dar-es-Salaam.

He said the motortruck near its lane to overtake a motorbike.

“The motortruck driver, who was heading from the Dar-es-Salaam larboard to the Democratic Republic of Congo, was overtaking a motorbike erstwhile the 2 vehicles collided head-on,” helium said.

The autobus was travelling successful the different absorption – from the occidental metropolis of Mbeya to the coastal metropolis of Tanga, helium added.

President Samia Suluhu Hassan presented her condolences connected Twitter, and urged “road users to adhere to postulation rules”.

Tanzania has seen a spate of fatal postulation accidents.

On Monday, 4 radical were killed successful a manager mishap extracurricular the southwestern municipality of Tunduma, adjacent the Zambian border, connected its mode to Dar-es-Salaam.

In May 2017, 35 radical – 32 of them schoolchildren – were killed successful a autobus crash. The conveyance had been speeding.

Two years earlier, 42 radical were killed successful a collision betwixt a manager and a truck.

Still worse was a 2006 mishap that saw a 26-seater autobus carrying 74 passengers veer disconnected the roadworthy adjacent the bluish municipality of Arusha and plunge disconnected a span into the river, sidesplitting 54 people.

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