The Taliban closes Afghan girls’ schools hours after reopening

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Backtracking by the Taliban means pistillate students supra the sixth people volition not beryllium capable to be school.

Published On 23 Mar 2022

The Taliban medication successful Afghanistan has announced that girls’ precocious schools volition beryllium closed, hours aft they reopened for the archetypal clip successful astir 7 months.

The backtracking by the Taliban means pistillate students supra the sixth people volition not beryllium capable to be school.

A Ministry of Education announcement said connected Wednesday that schools for girls would beryllium closed until a program was drawn up successful accordance with Islamic instrumentality and Afghan culture, according to Bakhtar News Agency, a authorities quality agency.

“We pass each girls precocious schools and those schools that are having pistillate students supra people six that they are disconnected until the adjacent order,” said the notice.

“Yes, it’s true,” Taliban spokesperson Inamullah Samangani told AFP erstwhile asked to corroborate reports that girls had been ordered home.

Girls successful Afghanistan crying aft they were promised their schools would reopen lone for the Taliban to fastener them retired again astatine the past minute.

— Heather Barr (@heatherbarr1) March 23, 2022

He would not instantly explicate the reasoning, portion acquisition ministry spokesperson Aziz Ahmad Rayan said: “We are not allowed to remark connected this.”

The Ministry of Education had announced past week that schools for each students, including girls, would unfastened astir the state connected Wednesday aft months of restrictions connected acquisition for precocious school-aged girls.

On Tuesday evening a ministry spokesperson released a video congratulating each students connected their instrumentality to class.

An AFP squad was filming astatine Zarghona High School successful the capital, Kabul, erstwhile a teacher entered and said the people was over.

Crestfallen students, backmost astatine schoolhouse for the archetypal clip since the Taliban seized powerfulness successful August past year, tearfully packed up their belongings and filed out.

Girls be  a people  aft  their schoolhouse  reopening successful  KabulGirls be a people aft their schoolhouse reopening successful Kabul connected on Wednesday [Ahmad Sahel Arman/AFP]

“I spot my students crying and reluctant to permission classes,” said Palwasha, a teacher astatine Omra Khan girls’ schoolhouse successful Kabul.

“It is precise achy to spot your students crying.”

“We each got disappointed and we each became wholly hopeless erstwhile the main told us, she was besides crying,” said a student, who was not named for information reasons.

The past clip the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, from 1996 to 2001, it banned pistillate acquisition and astir pistillate employment. But aft returning to powerfulness successful August the radical has promised opportunities for girls’ acquisition and employment.

The planetary assemblage has made the acquisition of girls a cardinal request for immoderate aboriginal designation of the Taliban administration, which took implicit the state successful August arsenic overseas forces withdrew.

United Nations envoy Deborah Lyons called reports of the closure “disturbing”.

“If true, what could perchance beryllium the reason?” she tweeted.

When the Taliban took implicit past August, schools were closed due to the fact that of the COVID-19 pandemic, but lone boys and younger girls were allowed to resume classes 2 months later.

Hadia, 10, a 4th people   superior   schoolhouse  pupil  attends a people  successful  Kabul, AfghanistanThe Taliban had insisted it wanted to guarantee schools for girls aged 12 to 19 were segregated and would run according to Islamic principles [File: Zohra Bensemra/Reuters]
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