The war in Ukraine, according to the US media

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Nuance is being mislaid – stifled adjacent – successful US media sum of Ukraine. Plus, the influencers touring war-torn Syria.

Demonising not conscionable Vladimir Putin, but Russians successful general, is ridding media successful the United States of discourse that is pertinent to the sum of Ukraine. Not lone is the discourse missing, but it is being stifled successful immoderate cases of American coverage.

Molly Jong-Fast – Contributor, The Atlantic
Alex Shephard – Staff writer, The New Republic
David Klion – Writer and editor, Jewish Currents
Abby Martin – Journalist; creator, The Empire Files

On our radar:

Despite the Kremlin’s determination to power the communicative connected Ukraine, state-controlled reporting successful Russia is taking a hit. Producer Johanna Hoes looks astatine the watercourse of resignations from immoderate of Russia’s apical broadcasters.

Destination Damascus: Social media tourism arrives successful Syria

As question contented retired of Syria draws millions of hits online, immoderate Syrians rise concerns astir its imaginable PR payment for the Bashar al-Assad regime.

Paul Nabil Matthis – Syrian-American author; TikTok contented creator
Sarah Hunaidi – Exiled Syrian writer; communications and advocacy consultant
Davud Akhundzada – Travel contented creator

Published On 19 Mar 2022

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