Tornadoes rip through Texas, more storms threaten US’s south

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Published On 22 Mar 2022

Multiple tornadoes ripped done parts of the US states of Texas and Oklahoma, sidesplitting astatine slightest 1 person, United States officials said, arsenic good arsenic causing injuries and wide harm successful areas adjacent the large cities of Austin and Dallas.

An authoritative said a 73-year-old pistillate died erstwhile the tornado deed the assemblage of Sherwood Shores, Texas connected Monday night. Ten different storm-related injuries person been reported successful the region astir 145km (90 miles) northbound of Dallas and adjacent the state’s borderline with Oklahoma.

The tempest strategy was poised to determination into Louisiana and Mississippi connected Tuesday, officials said, carrying the hazard of unsafe tornadoes and almighty winds.

On Tuesday morning, the strategy was bringing dense rainfall and thunderstorms to parts of Texas and Arkansas, said Jeremy Grams, pb forecaster with the Storm Prediction Center successful Norman, Oklahoma. A tornado ticker was successful effect for parts of Texas and Louisiana.

In Round Rock, Texas, shoppers experienced today's tornadoes up close.

If you're successful the way of a tornado, enactment inside, don't drive, and find a harmless spot distant from ample windows.

Stay tuned to our LIVE terrible tempest sum for updates.

— The Weather Channel (@weatherchannel) March 22, 2022

“We’re inactive a spot uncertain connected conscionable however aggravated and however longer lived immoderate of these tornadoes whitethorn be, truthful we’re going to beryllium conscionable beneath that threshold of the top risk,” Grams said Tuesday morning.

In Louisiana, precocious h2o aboriginal Tuesday posed a menace to motorists connected respective roads, including a agelong of Interstate 20 and respective authorities highways aft rains overnight, authorities said. Deputies successful Caddo Parish, which includes Shreveport, rescued 3 drivers from precocious waters during the night, the sheriff’s bureau tweeted earlier dawn.

The rough upwind comes a time aft tornadoes ripped done northbound and cardinal Texas connected Monday, destroying homes and businesses, knocking retired powerfulness and injuring astatine slightest respective people.

It besides comes aft severe wintertime storms successful February near hundreds of thousands of radical successful Texas without power and heat.

A household of 3 radical was rescued from the rubble of their location successful the municipality of Bowie, Texas aft a tornado touched down there, the section NBC affiliate reported. One pistillate was hospitalised.

Multiple different structures were damaged successful and astir the municipality of 5,000, astir 145km (90 miles) northwest of Dallas.

Multiple homes were damaged oregon near successful ruins successful Round Rock, Texas, a metropolis of astir 120,000 radical astir 32km (20 miles) from Austin, aft a tornado touched down there, officials said.

Another reported tornado caused harm successful the confederate Oklahoma municipality of Kingston.

The storms were expected to intensify passim the time connected Tuesday arsenic temperatures rise, expanding the menace of tornadoes, hail and beardown winds. Much of Louisiana and Mississippi were astatine a mean hazard of terrible weather, the second-highest hazard class issued by the Storm Prediction Center.

Louisiana’s national and authorities authorities reminded thousands of hurricane survivors surviving successful government-provided mobile homes and recreational conveyance trailers to person an evacuation program due to the fact that the structures mightiness not withstand the expected weather. More than 8,000 households unrecorded successful specified impermanent quarters, officials said.

Damage to homesA tornado moved done Round Rock, Texas leaving demolition successful its aftermath – the tempest strategy was expected to determination into Louisiana and Mississippi connected Tuesday, officials said, carrying the hazard of much unsafe tornadoes and almighty winds [Adrees Latif/Reuters]

The tempest already near misery successful its aftermath successful Texas. Officials reported harm passim Jacksboro, astir 100km (62 miles) northwest of Fort Worth. There, photographs posted connected societal media showed a tempest ripped the partition and extortion from parts of Jacksboro High School, particularly its gym.

“It brought tears to my eyes,” the school’s Principal Starla Sanders told WFAA-TV successful Dallas.

Also successful Texas, firefighting crews were making advancement containing a monolithic Texas wildfire that killed 1 person.

The Eastland Complex occurrence has burned astir 220sq km (85sq miles) since a bid of fires broke retired past week successful an country westbound of Dallas. The fires were astir 60 percent contained arsenic of Monday night.

The occurrence has burned 147 structures and led to the decease of Deputy Sergeant Barbara Fenley, who died portion going doorway to doorway telling residents to evacuate, officials said.

Overall, crews person responded to 178 wildfires that person burned astir 440sq km (170sq miles) statewide since past Thursday, officials said.

A firefighting chopper  makes a h2o  driblet  connected  flames arsenic  the Eastland Complex wildfire Firefighters person been battling a fig of wildfires crossed Texas amid hot, adust conditions  [Twitter/@johnnyhaysmd via Reuters]
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