Tunisia: Mass anti-Saied protests take place in capital Tunis

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Last July, President Saied suspended parliament, sacked PM and further expanded his legislative and enforcement powers.

Published On 20 Mar 2022

Thousands of Tunisians person taken to the streets of the superior Tunis successful the latest of a bid of rallies against President Kais Saied, accused by opponents of grabbing powerfulness amid a deepening governmental crisis.

In July past year, President Saied suspended parliament and sacked the premier minister, earlier further expanding his legislative and enforcement powers and suspending immoderate parts of the constitution.

The absorption decried the measures, calling them a “coup” and has staged a drawstring of thoroughfare protests.

Tunisia, agelong seen arsenic the sole antiauthoritarian occurrence communicative of the 2010-2011 Arab uprisings, has since been successful turmoil.

Tunisia protestersPolice officers artifact a thoroughfare adjacent to a protestation against Tunisian President Kais Saied’s seizure of governing powers [Zoubeir Souissi/Reuters]

On Sunday, respective 1000 people, including supporters of the Ennahdha movement, marched adjacent the parliament successful cardinal Tunis, witnesses said.

Security forces sealed disconnected adjacent Bardo Square and entrances starring to it to forestall protesters from gathering there, they added.

Protesters chanted against Saied’s measures and accused him of monopolising power.

Some marchers chanted “the radical privation to bring down the coup” and “the radical privation to depose the president”.

Sunday’s rally came connected the 66th day of Tunisia’s Independence Day.

Saied, a erstwhile instrumentality prof who took bureau successful 2019, defended his moves, saying they were successful enactment with the constitution, and promised to safeguard freedoms and rights.

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