US sends Patriot interceptors to Saudi to ease tensions: Reports

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The transportation fulfils an urgent Saudi petition that has go a constituent of hostility betwixt Riyadh and Washington.

Published On 21 Mar 2022

The Biden medication has transferred a important fig of Patriot antimissile interceptors to Saudi Arabia, fulfilling an urgent petition from the kingdom that has go a constituent of contention successful relations betwixt Washington and Riyadh, according to reports.

Senior US officials told reporters connected Sunday that the weapons systems were sent to Saudi Arabia successful caller weeks, which the kingdom had been requesting since precocious past twelvemonth to fend disconnected rocket and drone attacks by Yemen’s Houthi group, The Associated Press quality bureau and the Wall Street Journal reported.

The officials did not springiness a fig of however galore Patriot interceptors had been sent, but told the AP that the determination was successful enactment with President Joe Biden’s committedness that “America volition person the backs of our friends successful the region”.

The determination comes arsenic the Biden medication has progressively sought to person Riyadh to pump much crude lipid to assistance alleviate soaring prices spurred by Russia’s penetration of Ukraine. To date, Saudi officials person resisted the appeal.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had maintained adjacent ties with erstwhile US President Donald Trump, who avoided condemning MBS contempt the US quality linking him to the sidesplitting of writer Jamal Khashoggi successful Istanbul successful 2018.

Relations betwixt the longtime allies person go much fraught nether the Biden administration, with the incoming president promising to instrumentality a stronger stance against quality rights violators, ending “offensive support” for Saudi Arabia-led forces warring against the Houthis successful Yemen, and refusing to woody straight with MBS.

Riyadh has besides voiced choler implicit the Biden administration’s determination to region the Houthi question from its database of “international violent organisations”, though Washington successful caller months has mulled reversing the determination pursuing a bid of drone and rocket attacks connected the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Riyadh, meanwhile, has progressively warned that its Patriot interceptors were moving dangerously debased amid continued Houthi aerial attacks.

In September, the AP reported that the US subject had moved retired of Saudi Arabia 1 of its Patriot systems that had been located astatine the Prince Sultan Air Base extracurricular Riyadh.

Officials said astatine the time, the determination was portion of a larger displacement successful defence capabilities to prioritise Russia and China.

The revelation connected Sunday came hours aft US NSA Jake Sullivan condemned Houthi forces aft they unleashed aggravated barrages of drone and rocket strikes connected Saudi Arabia’s captious vigor facilities.

The onslaught sparked a occurrence astatine 1 tract and temporarily chopped lipid accumulation astatine another.



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