Will taxing ‘immoral’ fossil fuel profits ease the energy crisis?

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From: Counting the Cost

The UN urges windfall taxation connected the profits of lipid and state giants.

A caller survey has recovered that the lipid and state manufacture produced astir $3bn a time successful profits for the past 50 years.

It is present cashing successful adjacent much money, arsenic the warfare successful Ukraine has driven up vigor prices.

The United Nations secretary-general criticised the sky-high net arsenic “grotesque greed”, astatine a clip erstwhile millions of radical astir the satellite consciousness the pinch of the rising outgo of living. Antonio Guterres urged governments to taxation the profits of vigor giants.

Elsewhere, the contention is connected for semiconductors; the United States is spending billions to boost manufacturing, portion keeping an oculus connected China.

Published On 13 Aug 2022

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