World ‘sleepwalking’ to climate catastrophe: UN chief

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Guterres says extremity of 1.5-degree-Celsius emergence is already connected beingness enactment arsenic helium urges countries to abide by commitments.

Published On 21 Mar 2022

UN main Antonio Guterres said connected Monday the satellite is “sleepwalking to clime catastrophe”, with large economies allowing carbon pollution to summation erstwhile drastic cuts are needed.

The planet-saving extremity of capping planetary warming astatine 1.5 degrees Celsius (34.7 Fahrenheit) is already “on beingness support”, helium told a sustainability league successful London.

Keeping this extremity successful play requires a 45 percent driblet successful emissions by 2030 and c neutrality by mid-century, according to the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel connected Climate Change (IPCC).

But adjacent if nations honour recently revised pledges nether the Paris Agreement, emissions are inactive acceptable to emergence 14 percent earlier the decennary ends.

“The occupation is getting worse,” Guterres said successful a pre-recorded video message. “We are sleepwalking to clime catastrophe.”

“If we proceed with much of the same, we tin buss 1.5C goodbye,” helium added. “Even 2 degrees whitethorn beryllium retired of reach.”

His comments came lone hours earlier the 195-nation IPCC kicked disconnected a two-week gathering to validate a landmark study connected options for reducing c contamination and extracting CO2 from the air.

The study is expected to reason that CO2 emissions indispensable highest wrong a fewer years if the Paris somesthesia targets are to beryllium met.

Guterres described COVID betterment spending arsenic “scandalously uneven” and a missed accidental to accelerate the crook towards cleanable energy.

The Russian penetration of Ukraine, helium added, could further derail clime enactment with importers locking successful fossil substance dependence arsenic they scramble to regenerate Russian lipid and gas.

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